"Die beste Bildung findet ein gescheiter Mensch auf Reisen." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
"Die beste Bildung findet ein gescheiter Mensch auf Reisen." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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Creative Tours for Groups

We organize workshop and studio visits, courses and workshops with selected craftsmen, artists and other actors of the creative industries for your groups.


Possible topics for your creative tours can be: landscape and gardens, culinary delights, wine, crafts, art of living, historical markets, natural history, textiles and fashion etc.


  • Textiles (e.g. Couture and traditional costumes, Patchwork and dyeing fabrics)
  • Splendid castles and gardens, French elegance in English park landscapes, Italian Garden Design and “artist gardens”
  • Arts and crafts (e.g. Boiling soap, Distillation of essential oils, Real gold embroidery on silk, Paper and fabric collages, Restoring and polishing small pieces of period furniture, Carving anatomical sculptures, Preserving cultural assets, Individual silver jewelry, Silk ribbon embroidery, Gouache painting, Restoration of oil paintings, Ikebana, Calligraphy)
  • Food and culture (e.g. Homemade spirits and liqueurs, The grape harvest in the Ahr Valley, Cooking class with a Sushi Master in Japan)
  • Landscape architecture and gardens (e.g. Easy care of roses, Japanese landscape architecture, Garden ceramics) and much more.
  • “The last of his class” – Workshop seminars with masters for the revival of traditional craftsmen’s techniques and to practice new techniques (for example, for painters and varnishers, plasterers, stone masons and sculptors, interior designers, shoemakers)
  • “The Styrian Oil Trail” Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil and other culinary delights of Styria
  • Culinary tour of Croatia with a truffle hunt with specially trained truffle-sniffing dogs and tasting afterwards
  • Learn how to make sushi like a master in Japan
  • Experience traditional German Christmas baking together with local rural women with tasting



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Way of Life

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Wine and Culinary tours

We offer tours along the 'wine roads', specialised itineraries through wine-producing regions including outstanding vinotheks and famous vineyard sites, as well as visits to annual events like Open Cellars in the spring, Local Wine Festivals in ataumn, Wine Seminars, and Conferences, Trade Fairs and Workshops. Aside from the opportunity to see where and how wine is made and discover the difference of tasting it at its source, we offer visitors a chance to learn about traditions and culture linked to winemaking and country life. Visitors will have the chance to discover rural areas and their nature, sample other farm products, and feast on an array of regional foods and cuisine, creating bridges of urban spaces with rural areas.


German wine differs from wines of other countries. It's light, lively and fruity, thanks to Germany's

unique climatic and geological conditions. The long growing season and moderate summer

temperatures bring forth filigree wines that are relatively low in alcohol. The diversity of German wine stems from the many soil types and grape varieties. This diversity is reflected in Germany's 13 wine-growing regions:


Ahr - Baden - Franken - Hessische Bergstrasse - Mittelrhein - Mosel - Nahe - Pfalz - RheingauRheinhessen - Saale-Unstrut - Sachsen- Württemberg


Our office is located in Remagen which lies on the River Rhine and in the Ahr region which is considered to be the "German red wine paradise". The Ahr river twists and turns its way through a rocky landscape where lush vineyards cling to the bare stone. The ancient Romans appreciated the favourable climate of this wild, romantic valley, and were the first to cultivate grapes there. As well as pinot noir, the queen of the red grapes, the region's specialities include the equally prized, early-ripening pinot madeleine. Great effort is required to produce top wines on the steep slopes above the Ahr river, but it is more than repaid by the high quality of the wines. Come to take part in one of the many events and festivities (e.g. Gourmet & Wine Events, Pinot Madeleine-Forum, Open Cellar Day, Wine Hiking Weekend, Wine Market) which invite you to stay and enjoy a glass of red wine. The Ahr, Rhine and Eifel regions provide a number of first-class restaurant venues, spoiling their guests with exceptionally delicious food and wine creations.

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Wine & Culinary

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