"Die beste Bildung findet ein gescheiter Mensch auf Reisen." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
"Die beste Bildung findet ein gescheiter Mensch auf Reisen." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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Tour Manager


We are seeking Tour Managers to accompany passengers on our tours in Germany and Europe. The role of the tour manager is to ensure the group adheres to the timing of the itinerary, and that all participating suppliers (hotels, restaurants, museums, etc.) are ready for the group’s arrival. The manager is the “Face the Company”, and is the point person for resolving any concerns that occasionally arise while underway.



  • Compensation is paid at a daily rate. Managers receive all meals, lodging, and admissions for participation in components of the tour.


  • Successful candidates will possess impeccable organizational skills. Punctuality, attention to detail, leaderships qualities, and intercultural competence are all requirements. A working familiarity with the well-known destinations in Germany and Europe is an asset.

Resources Provided:

  • Completed itineraries in advance of the trip
  • Emergency contact information for Corporate Travel Operations Staff
  • Pre-tour instructional meeting with Operations and/or Sales Staff members
  • Introductory training


Resumes, Cover Letters, and general inquiries can be addressed to Kerstin Wegen, info@wegenkunstreisen.de


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