"Die beste Bildung findet ein gescheiter Mensch auf Reisen." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
"Die beste Bildung findet ein gescheiter Mensch auf Reisen." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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Technical Tours for Groups

"Learning is experience. Everything else is just information."

Albert Einstein

We arrange technical, educational tours and special interest tours for your students, customers, employees, members, and friends of your organization.


Exchange views and experience with experts and colleagues in your professional field. Integrate intercultural dialogue in your workplace, in education and training, or take advantage of interdisciplinary dialogue. We organize technical visits, discussions, workshops, seminars and trainings according to your interest or thematic focus. All our tours are tailor made.


Possible topics for your technical tour can be: science, business, environment, energy, health, agriculture, vehicle production, history, language etc.


  • Fact-finding mission to learn about “Political and voluntary commitment”
  • Go back in time to the dawn of pioneering discoveries - the car, the tram, the bicycle...
  • Study tours on global issues like “Environmental Protection” and “Education”
  • Field excursions on topics like for example “Protection of urban historical monuments” or “Strategies of modern urban development in European metropolitan cities and regions”
  • Study tours on “Start-up companies” and “Social Entrepreneurship”



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