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Who we are

We are an incoming tour operator for groups with a special interest in Germany and all of Europe. Supported by our valuable experience in the industry, as well as, our knowledge and network of partners, all of our tours can be designed to meet your group's passions and goals, and can be tailored to serve all of your travel needs, ensuring the most memorable of experiences.

What we do

We want to assist you in discovery, travel enrichment and the participation in something unique; to expand your horizons; to increase your level of understanding of a particular field of interest or location. Let us help you to turn your ideas into a rewarding and unique experience.


We can ensure special arrangements with local organizations and educational institutions, provide encounters with local music groups, arrange workshops, lectures, private tours of companies or art institutions. Your group will benefit from a very selective, and exclusive network of organizations, institutions and locals who are also experts in their field.


Do not hesitate to contact us for your custom designed tour suggestions, details and prices. Our programmes are tailor made to meet your individual expectations and needs.

Why travel with us

Together, we have more than 35 years of experience in the arrangement of special interest tours. We love what we do and are experts in our field.


We pride ourselves on providing a professional and personalised service with a warm, helpful and friendly disposition. Our aim is to foster a strong on-going rapport with our customers which has led to long term relationships that even span decades.


Special tours for special groups

Technical Tours

Art Tours

Creative Tours

Performance Tours


Sports Tours

Discovery Tours

Educational Tours

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