"Creativity is intelligence having fun."

Albert Einstein


We organize workshop and studio visits, courses and workshops with selected craftsmen, artists and other actors of the creative industries for your groups.


Possible topics for your creative tours can be: landscape and gardens, culinary delights, wine, crafts, art of living, historical markets, natural history, textiles and fashion etc.


Textiles (e.g. Couture and traditional costumes, Patchwork and dyeing fabrics)
Splendid castles and gardens, French elegance in English park landscapes, Italian Garden Design and “artist gardens”
Arts and crafts (e.g. Distillation of essential oils, Real gold embroidery on silk, Paper and fabric collages, Carving anatomical sculptures, Individual silver jewelry, Silk ribbon embroidery, Gouache painting, Restoration of oil paintings, Ikebana, Calligraphy)
Food and culture (e.g. Truffle hunting, Christmas Baking, Homemade spirits and liqueurs, The grape harvest in the Ahr Valley, Cooking class with a Sushi Master in Japan, “The Styrian Oil Trail”)
Landscape architecture and gardens (e.g. Easy care of roses, Japanese landscape architecture, Garden ceramics) and much more.
“The last of his class” – Workshop seminars with masters for the revival of traditional craftsmen’s techniques and to practice new techniques (for example, for painters and varnishers, plasterers, stone masons and sculptors, interior designers, shoemakers)



Artist’s Gardens | Botanical Gardens | Dendrological Gardens | Garden Styles | Festivals | Herb Gardens | Herbaceous Borders | Hillside Gardens | Historical Gardens | Japanese Garden Style | Landscape Gardeners | Monastery Gardens | Natural Stone | Nature and National | Parks |Rhododendronpark | Rose Gardens


Way of Life

Bathing Culture | Beer | Country Life | Crossover | Culinary Tours | Ecology |Fashion | Gourmet & Art | Historic Inns | Historic Markets | Japanese Culture | Monastery Breweries | Tea Culture | Traditions | Wellness | Wine


Tour samples

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