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One of the best educational methods for children and university students is removing them from the school doldrums and promoting “learning by living” and “learning by doing”. For many years, we have been creating programs where education simply blends into fun. As a result, we offer a wide range of tours to infuse your students with a healthy dose of international diversity and life.


Learn German through immersion

We know first-hand how important it is to practice a language in a real-world setting without desks and textbooks. Our programs are perfect for group travel with students hoping to improve their language skills. We know how to combine targeted study with real-world practice.


Be where history was made

We believe history and culture are essential to travel, and our programs will get you to the sites you want your school or university students to experience, first-hand. After all, why simply click “Berlin Wall” on your touchpad, when you can walk the 10 minutes from Checkpoint Charlie to Niederkirchner Street and stand in front of one of the last “First Wall sections” of this historic border. The imprint of coming face to face with history will last much longer than a picture in a book or a fleeting internet search.


Sports and music: the art of inspiration

Rigorous school curriculums leave precious little time for students to engage in sports or music. But our group travel programs give you a chance to get your team on a friendly foreign field or to let your choir or orchestra practice in 500 year-old church to their heart’s content. No matter what the purpose of your group travel is, your students will enjoy a memorable tailor-made world-class program.


Our gift of nature

Environmental education and outdoor adventures are essential parts of our agenda. Sustainability, environmental consciousness, and eco-friendly living are as much a part of European culture as our extensive history and have never been more important for our future than today.

Europe is scattered with Natural Parks, Reserves and even Biospheres or Geoparks, where visitors are encouraged to participate in responsible eco-engagement to experience what nature has to offer and reveal how delicate its balance can be. Whether hiking through protected wildlife areas, climbing over boulders and glaciers or sitting quietly and observably in our bird reserves, your options are close to endless and our options bring you closer to nature and the world around us. So, gather your walking boots, GPS and binoculars, and here we go!


Culture and Society

Leisure park or outlet shopping? City life or a castle romance? Carnival procession or Christmas market? Our programs offer activities for every taste! Even challenging topics become entertaining and full of life. How about staying overnight in a medieval castle and passing the exam as a squire? Or start a thrilling journey through time visiting the remains to the last romans or to the oldest archaeological sites of mankind? Europe is bustling with large, and small, cities teeming with daily life and rich cultures. Countless museums, Beethoven’s birth house, or a refreshing drink deep in a historic bunker, or racing an arranged Porsche around the Nuerburgring, our cultural offerings are as diverse countries and people that make Europe one. We also address social issues like solidarity and fairness between and within generations. You can get creative in theatre workshops or in creating a film. Different learning programs help in a playful way without pressure to acquire new knowledge and new learning techniques. Gourmet region - Food is such an important part of learning and we take it seriously. Have you ever attended a Blac Forest Cake baking course? Let's visit the Black Forest! Some cafes and hotels offer special workshops there.


Health and Sports

If you want to spend an active holiday, start an amicable competition. Or if you just want to improve your fitness, the programs in offer are diversified and the necessary equipment is available. Whether you want to go on foot, by bike, on a horseback, with skies or snowshoes. Be it by land, air or sea. We will make the hearts of sportsmen miss a beat. At the end you will gain great impressions, experience unforgettable moments and you will have a chance to make new friends. At the same time, you can do something good for your health, too.


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